Flutter Food Ordering App

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Through out this course you are going to build a complete app from scratch, using flutter and firebase we are going to build a food delivery app, we will build the user app, and the respective backend structure, after this course you will be a proficient and market place ready flutter developer

What Will I Learn?

  • Develop flutter UI and Ux
  • Integrate your flutter projects with firebase
  • Have a basic understanding of git and version control
  • Correctly structure your flutter projects
  • Use the provider architecture on your flutter apps

Topics for this course

100 Lessons22h 19m

Welcome To The Course


Home Screen UI?

On this section we will start building the app home screen


Lets have some basic idea of how version control works

Details screen?

Let's start working on the product details screen

Cart UI screen

Login & Registration


User auth with Provider package

Puting user Auth to work

Preparing for backend coding

Interacting with the database

Back-end functionalities

Shopping Cart

User Orders

Restaurant Owner’s Application

About the instructor

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Material Includes

  • Complete projects's source code
  • Asset files


  • Basic programming knowledge
  • Basic flutter knowledge
  • Having flutter already installed and working
  • Desire to learn

Target Audience

  • Any one with the desire to improve their flutter skills