Flutter Food Ordering App

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Through out this course you are going to build a complete app from scratch, using flutter and firebase we are going to build a food delivery app, we will build the user app, and the respective backend structure, after this course you will be a proficient and market place ready flutter developer

What Will I Learn?

  • Develop flutter UI and Ux
  • Integrate your flutter projects with firebase
  • Have a basic understanding of git and version control
  • Word with google cloud and google API's
  • Work with cloud functions
  • Correctly structure your flutter projects
  • Use the provider architecture on your flutter apps

Topics for this course

44 Lessons06h 10m

Home Screen UI

Project Setup3:42
Importing assets6:09
Top Navigation6:33
Search box6:08
Code reusability7:51
Categories List4:59
Categories List 27:47
Featured products10:39
Featured products 28:36
Featured products 38:36
Featured products final5:43
Bottom Navigation3:39
Popular products7:14
Popular products section explained10:32
Bottom Icon Widget9:16
Source code


Details screen

Cart UI screen

Login & Registration


User auth with Provider package

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The course is incomplete!!!. You should have completed the course before uploading it.
When are you going to upload the rest of the modules?

we paid to see a complete course But NO it is not complete!!!! and the author is recording videos in youtube!!!!
i want my money back

Nice course , the only thing is , the course isn't complete at all.

Nice Real World App Course but please complete the course to the end until this moment the course contain ui only (no backend)

I have started learning from yesterday and I am loving it. Thank you so much for providing such a lovely course. Could you please also add fully-functional apps like uber eats or any apps that can track GPS navigation.

Watched a couple of videos amazing tutorial. Would be great if this could be integrated into WooCommerce as backend and allow for also build a customer order taking app that will allow shop owners to review there orders. Also not checked fully out but hopefully have some features to add and remove ingredients from a pizza for example.

Look forward to the rest of your videos!

Very nice project. i am start learning the course..👌👌👍👍👍

I am yet to start this project but I have given it 5 starts because I know this course is comprehensive and contains much... Thanks to Santos


Material Includes

  • Complete projects's source code
  • Asset files


  • Basic programming knowledge
  • Basic flutter knowledge
  • Having flutter already installed and working
  • Desire to learn

Target Audience

  • Any one with the desire to improve their flutter skills